Dani Tucker

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I am a statistics and probability PhD student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I graduated from University of Missouri-Columbia in 2016 with a B.A. in Mathematics and a minor in Theatre. I worked for Title 1 in Chicago as a manager and a teacher for 1 year before I began my studies at UIC. During this year, I also performed in a number of Chicago based theatre productions, including Gentle with The Utopian Theatre Asylum . In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, playing piano, and watching scary movies with my husband, Mitchell, and my border collie, Lucky.


My resume can be found here.


I am interested in Model Interpretability and Dimension Reduction. My mentor is Jing Wang. I am also currently working on a paper with Jie Yang in response to a paper by Andreas Joseph which introduces the Shapley Regression Framework . This work addresses the need for interpretable black box models, as often these models produce higher accuracy, but also produce predictions which are difficult to explain in terms of the predictors.

I am also beginning research with Yichao Wu , studying Frechet Regression and its potential application to brain imaging data. Modeling this kind of data may involve a large p, small n problem, as in the future we may wish to model brain connections with genetic data. Therefore, our research will mostly involve variable selection in this case.



Spring 2020 - Stat 411

Fall 2019 - Math 589

Spring 2019 - Stat 411

Summer 2018 - Summer Enrichment Workshop

Fall 2017-Fall 2018 - Stat 101

Grad Student Statistics and Data Science Seminar

Fall 2019 - Syllabus

In Fall of 2019, this seminar collaborated with Navistar, Inc. on a data science project. Students were given exposure to real data problems. Seminar time was used mostly as workshop time, with multiple visits from Navistar's top data scientists.

Spring 2020 - Syllabus

In Spring of 2020, this seminar is structured as a speaker series. Professors, senior graduate students, and alumni will give approachable presentations on their recent works.


April 2020 - Variable Selection via Nonconcave Penalized Likelihood and its Oracle Properties (Fan and Li) Review

March 2020 - Shapley Regression Research Talk

February 2020 - A Brief History of Statistics in the 20th Century

November 2019 - Machine Learning Starter Kit in R

July 2019 - ModelOp Colloquium: Mixed Effects Models

December 2018 - Review: Group Specific Recommender Systems (Bi, Qu, Wang, Shen (2017))

Fall 2017-Fall 2018 - Stat 101 Presentations


Spring 2019 - Present - American Statistical Association: Student Chapter Co-Chair

Spring 2019 - EYH Workshop Instructor

Fall 2017 - Spring 2019 - Sonia Kovalevsky Day Volunteer

Fall 2017 - Present - AWM UIC Student Chapter